Wood Floor Refinishing, Denver, Front Range And Mountain Communities Of Colorado

Dustless Wood Floor Sanding And Refinishing

Bring back the beauty of your wood floors

When the surface of your wood floor has worn past the finish, is ugly and needs to be freshened up from a lifetime of use, my dustless wood floor sanding and refinishing process will bring new life to your old hardwood floor. We use the latest equipment and skilled craftsman to achieve the wood floor of your dreams. Our dust containment systems make wood floor sanding and finishing process cleaner, healthier, and faster than ever.

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What is Wood Floor Sanding And Refinishing?

Wood floor sanding and Refinishing is the process removing the top layers finish, stripping away all layers leaving a flat raw wood floor, returning it to its original condition and prolonging its lifespan. J&M Hardwood Floors will bring back the beauty of your hardwood floors. Working with J&M Hardwood

What is Dustless Wood Floor Sanding And Refinishing?

In the old days sanding and finishing a wood floor was a dusty mess. We have come a long way sense then. Dustless hardwood floor refinishing, ensures the dust that produced during the sanding process is contained within the vacuum system’s and masked and sealed areas so it doesn’t spread throughout your home. We understand the impact of dust can make and take measure to keep the it mitigated. Our dust control systems help capture up to 99% of the dust created, ensuring the sanding process doesn’t create a mess for the rest of your home.

Wood floor Color Staining

Wood Floor Color Staining: Color staining is a great way to enhance and modify the beauty of your wood floors, with lights, darks, medium and cool colors to complement any decora. Most common wood species we stain are Oak, Maple, Hickory.

How long does it take to complete the sanding and refinishing process?

An average sanding and finishing project of 1,000sq.ft., can be completed in just 3-4 day’s.

Screen and recoat

looking for a low-cost way to keep your floors looking great? Are your floors finish starting to wear? having a new coat of finish applied is the best way to do this. Have your floors maintained every 3-5 years, or before the finish wears through the wood. Our process can refresh your wood floors finish, restore it back to it’s shine and add life to your floor, with out the dusty mess and a fraction of the time it takes to re-sand.

Wood Floor Finishes

Our low VOC, Water Borne polyurethane wood floor finishes are the most advanced and strongest in the industry. You never have to worry about inconvenience of being out of your home. Low VOC means no smelly odor and amazingly fast dry times to get you back into your home and life faster than ever.